1. 2017
    1. 27 January Deadline for vacation scheme applications.
    2. January/ February Successful candidates attend a selection event at our London Office.
    3. Easter-June/ July Students attend a vacation scheme. All candidates are interviewed for a training contract during the scheme.
    4. 28 July Deadline for training contract applications (for those that did not apply for a vacation scheme earlier in the year).
    5. August Selection events and interviews for applicants who have not attended a vacation scheme.
    6. September Non-law students start GDL at our preferred law school.
  2. 2018
    1. Summer Non-law students complete GDL. Law students graduate.
    2. September All students start LPC at our preferred law school.
  3. 2019
    1. June Students finish LPC and attend welcome event with fellow starters.
    2. August Trainee class of 2019-21 start their induction course.
    3. September Trainee class of 2019-21 start their first seat.

Please note this timeline is for illustrative purposes only and is designed to show the earliest point undergraduates may make an application. If you have already completed your undergraduate studies or are currently in employment you may apply at any time.