Alexander Collis

Alexander <span>Collis</span>

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Meet Alexander Collis

Alexander Collis


The first matter I was involved in after I qualified was advising a bank on the non-recourse financing of a solar project to be developed by a leading UK solar energy generator. This involved a number of teams across the firm including property, planning, construction and competition.

As a newly qualified solicitor, coordinating between the lead partner and the various departmental teams was challenging and exciting. It gave me a great insight into project finance, an area I did not know much about before joining the firm. Partners and colleagues were incredibly supportive, taking time to explain the background to the work and helping me gain a better understanding of the solar market.

I really enjoyed working with all of the different parties involved in this project as there was a genuine common objective for everyone to work together to reach financial close. The early client contact I had during my training has given me the confidence to be an effective interface between the departmental teams, the partner and the third parties.