Joanna Sissens

Joanna <span>Sissens</span>

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Meet Joanna Sissens

Joanna Sissens

Trainee secondment Hamburg

During my seat in Shipping Finance in Hamburg, I have been involved in projects covering the entire lifecycle of a loan agreement – from establishing new loans to restructuring existing facilities and even assisting a bank to write off part of an outstanding loan when the borrower found itself in financial difficulties.

Working in an international firm and comparing my experiences in London and Hamburg has been invaluable in terms of building a genuine commercial understanding. As part of a busy team, I was afforded a large amount of responsibility from day one. Being heavily involved in each transaction has given me an understanding both of the overall structure of a deal and how it works in practice within the industry.

As the heart of shipping in Germany, Hamburg is an ideal place to be a shipping lawyer: a short walk around the harbour lets you see the industry at work – making the transactions more than just paperwork.