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Natasha Shoult


As a trainee during my Litigation seat I attended a two-week trial at the Royal Courts of Justice, acting for a Russian client. The claim concerned the non-payment of a series of loans and issues relating to loss of security. The Defendants were held liable for breach of contract, liability in tort and inducement by misrepresentation and our client obtained a judgment for US$35m. This was exciting work! It was a fantastic insight into the build-up to trial, with the team from WFW and Counsel pulling together to achieve a great result for the client. From these early experiences in the department, combined with time spent in our Bangkok office, I knew I wanted to qualify into Litigation at WFW. On joining the Litigation team my work on this case continued.

WFW presents excellent opportunities for those who are interested in international work. More recently I have been working on a case for a Korean EPC contractor, in connection with a sizeable insurance claim relating to the construction of a combined-cycle power plant in Ghana. This has involved a visit to the plant to take proofs from witnesses, which was challenging, but truly brought the case to life!