Q1 - For which intake of trainees are you currently accepting applications?

We are currently looking to recruit trainees to join us in August 2022

Q2 - What type of person are you looking for?

We are looking for individuals with a good academic background, who are enthusiastic, motivated, resourceful, innovative and practical.

Q3 - I’m a first year law student. Can I apply for a vacation scheme?

It’s a little early to apply for a vacation scheme but we are running an open day for first years that you can apply for by visiting https://www.apply4law.com/WFW/. We also recommend you visit us at one of the law fairs we attend every year to find out more about the firm before preparing to make an application.

Q4 - I’m studying for a non-law degree. Am I able to apply?

We consider applicants from all degree disciplines and around 50% of our trainees come from a non-law background. We believe this brings a breadth of skills into the firm. The earliest point you can apply for a vacation scheme or training contract is the final year of your degree.

Q5 - Do you look for candidates with foreign language skills?

Though we don’t recruit with specific language criteria in mind, we do have an international client base. This means that candidates with a foreign language are very useful to our business. However, we do offer language tuition where required.

Q6 - How many training contracts do you offer each year?

We typically offer 18 places every year.

Q7 - If I attend a vacation scheme, do I need to apply again for a training contract?

No. By being accepted onto the scheme you will automatically be considered for a training contract.

Q8 - I applied for a vacation scheme. Can I apply again for a training contract?

Applicants for a vacation scheme are considered for a training contract at the same time, so we are unable to consider reapplications in the same year.

Q9 - I have applied to the firm in a previous year. Can I reapply?

Yes. If you have not previously attended an assessment centre at the firm you are eligible to reapply. Unfortunately, we do not accept further applications from candidates who have been unsuccessful at the assessment centre stage.

Q10 - How should I detail mitigating / extenuating circumstances?

You will be asked to include details of mitigating circumstances should you not meet our minimum academic criteria; ABB at A Level (or equivalent) and a 2:1 degree in any discipline.

Q11 - I’m having problems with the application form. Who should I contact?

Please send an email to support@apply4law.com with any technical queries. For information about what to include on your application form please email UKTrainees@wfw.com

Q12 - I was educated outside the UK how do I explain this on the application form?

Please try and include as much detail as you can on the form, if you need to follow up with any other details please do email us at UKTrainees@wfw.com

Q13 - How should I detail my various university modules?

Please give us the percentage grade or actual mark received, not just the degree classification (e.g. 2:1) – unless this is how your course was graded.

Q14 - What percentage of trainees do you employ as associates on qualification?

Our approach is to invest in trainees as future partners of the firm. We therefore aim to retain as many as possible after qualification. In 2019 we retained 71% of our trainees

Q15 - Does the firm provide funding during my studies?

Subject to the timing of offer, we pay full fees for both the GDL and LPC, plus a maintenance grant for both the GDL and LPC. Maintenance is currently £8,500 for those studying in London and £7,500 for those outside London. Maintenance is paid directly into your bank account in 10 monthly instalments. If a trainee fails to join the firm for any reason, then we ask for repayment in full of any law school fees and maintenance paid by the firm.

Q16 - Do you offer continuing education and training?

Yes. Upon joining WFW our trainees immediately complete the core modules of the Professional Skills Course plus 12 of the 24 hours of electives. During the two-year period of the training contract trainees complete a further 12 hours of electives and we also hold a series of in-house lectures. Many of the speakers are from leading sets of chambers or industry experts with whom we have links, as well as partners and senior associates.

Q17 - I would like some work experience outside the two-week vacation schemes you offer.

Unfortunately we are only able to offer work experience during the dates advertised on our vacation scheme page.

Q18 - Do you have a preferred institution for the GDL and/or LPC?

We have appointed BPP as our preferred law school but will of course consider candidates that have completed their training elsewhere.

Q19 - Does it matter what LPC electives I have taken/ choose to take?

Yes. We require all trainees to undertake Debt Finance, Private Acquisitions and Equity Finance. If successful candidates have already completed the LPC and have not undertaken our required electives they would be required to complete them before commencing the training contract.