George Garthwaite

George <span>Garthwaite</span>

Meet George Garthwaite

George Garthwaite


My seat in the Projects team was a fantastic experience from the start, both for the wonderful colleagues and the varied and engaging work in the department. I assisted on a range of finance, construction and corporate matters across the energy and infrastructure sectors, with a particular focus on renewables. A real highlight of my seat was attending several client events, including a client mini-golf event – a great opportunity to enjoy a different side to the client relationship!

Since qualifying into the team, I’ve continued to work on a variety of matters, in the renewables and oil & gas markets with different partners throughout the team, and have enjoyed the increased levels of responsibility and challenge that qualification brings. For me, one of the most appealing aspects of my work is its global scale and working alongside our WFW colleagues in other jurisdictions. I have worked on deals involving Nordic windfarms, Spanish solar farms and African infrastructure projects, amongst other exciting matters for international clients.

In a fast-evolving energy market and WFW’s leading role in the expanding renewables sector, there are many fascinating deals for trainees to get involved with.