Lindsey Keeble

Lindsey <span>Keeble</span>

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Meet Lindsey Keeble

Lindsey Keeble


After I completed my first two seats in the shipping finance department in London and Athens, I was convinced I wanted a career in shipping at WFW. The variety and cross-border nature of the work appealed to me, as well as working on high profile transactions in a team that is recognised worldwide as a leader in the field.

At WFW, there are always fantastic opportunities to work abroad and I spent four years in our Paris office running the English law practice. Due to the global economic crisis I was involved in complex restructurings of shipping finance loans; one such transaction involved advising the lenders on the implementation of a restructuring plan for loan facilities made available to an Italian tanker company, we had to work quickly with our Italian colleagues to understand the impact of the relevant Italian legislation and how it affected the lenders’ rights.

I’m now back in London as the Maritime Sector Head and Head of the Assets & Structured Finance Group. Globally, the team continues to work on complex restructurings and always needs to keep abreast of the constant changes in the market such as private equity investors and new entrants providing debt finance, meaning there is plenty of variety to keep you busy.