Stefanos Molyndris

Stefanos <span>Molyndris</span>

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Stefanos Molyndris


My Dispute Resolution seat in Bangkok was an amazing experience. I was able to get involved in a wide range of contentious work – primarily international arbitration disputes – and was given a large amount of responsibility early on, assisting in the preparation of witness statements, pleadings, advice memos and client briefing notes. I gained a real insight into the way disputes are conducted in a different cultural context and was challenged to adapt to different working styles.

A valuable aspect of the experience for me was the chance to learn a new language which started before I left London, through Thai lessons arranged by the firm. My ‘lessons’ continued by making Thai friends outside of work, mainly by joining a football team, which gave me the opportunity to practice the language further. Bangkok is a stimulating and exciting city to live and work in. With its strategic location in the centre of South East Asia, the travel opportunities are also fantastic.

I was very sad to leave, but I won’t be gone for too long – I’ve since accepted an offer of a permanent role in Bangkok and will be returning upon qualification!